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Marketing BA Honours

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September 2018
3 years full-time
4 years full-time with placement
6 years part-time
£9,250 (UK/EU) *
£12,500 (INT) *
Course leader
Socrates Economou

Effective marketing is essential to every successful organisation. Our specialist degree trains you to become a professional who can confidently lead and innovate marketing campaigns within a business environment.

Why study BA Marketing at Middlesex University?

Our award-winning marketing courses have a reputation for teaching excellence. Based within our flourishing Business School you will benefit from the support of leading academics who will teach you to think critically about marketing practice in a 21st century context. You will graduate as an independent marketing professional, primed with a suite of high-level marketing skills, coupled with the experience and confidence to flourish.

There has never been a more exciting time to be a marketing practitioner, as digital and social media merge with traditional communication methods, changing the way businesses operate. Our degree is a stepping stone to an exciting career across a range of disciplines, including: branding, customer relationship marketing, international marketing, advertising, public relations, sales and events management.

Course highlights

  • Work placements are an invaluable opportunity to gain employability skills so we have introduced two options by which students can integrate this into their time at Middlesex. Students who wish to do a placement can take either a 36 week 3rd year sandwich placement as part of a 4 year degree or two 18 week summer placements allowing students to complete within 3 years
  • There are also opportunities to study abroad with the EU Erasmus programme, linked to a partner university in Europe and the USA
  • Our course is taught by award-winning research academics and our specialist librarian is on hand to offer additional support, ensuring you receive an excellent learning experience.
  • Our course is recognised by the leading industry professional body: the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)

What will you study on the BA Marketing?

The course is designed to expand knowledge in three pivotal areas of marketing: the behaviour of consumers, marketing research and the management of brands. In Year 2 you will also choose one of three specialised options: Managing Marketing, Fashion and Luxury Goods Marketing and Enterprise and Small Business Marketing.

In Year 3 you will study two compulsory modules in Marketing Strategy and E-Marketing and Social Media, designed to advance your skills and knowledge to propel your career. You will also be able to choose two options from a wider list of specialist marketing modules including: Public Relations; Advertising and Promotion; and New Venture Management.

To enhance your learning experience you will be provided with a handbook for each module, as well as the support of dedicated myUniHub websites which are packed with online resources.


  • Year 1

    • Financial Aspects of Business (30 credits) - Compulsory

      This module aims to develop your financial understanding and knowledge within business organisations to enable you to make effective decisions and to assess the cost, economic and financial implications and outcomes of these decisions. It aims to provide an understanding of the fundamental roles of accounting and finance for those who do not need to develop specialist knowledge as well as to provide an understanding of key microeconomic and macroeconomic principles that inform business thought and practice.

    • Marketing Intelligence (30 credits) - Compulsory

      This module introduces you to three main languages of marketing words, numbers and images. You will analyse these types of information with the aim of interpreting and creating marketing messages. The module will also provide you with grounding in several knowledgeable skills.

    • Marketing Theory and Practice (30 credits) - Compulsory

      This module is designed to provide you with an overview of key marketing concepts and techniques, as they apply in a variety of organisations and in both conventional and online environments. You will develop knowledge and understanding of the core role of marketing in determining the growth potential of an enterprise, including the value of the marketing mix in ensuring successful marketing implementation and the significance of external and internal operating environments for marketing practice.

    • Personal and Professional Development (30 credits) - Compulsory

      The primary aim of this module is to enable you to develop yourself personally and professionally as marketers. The module involves learning how to identify your own personal brand, engage in career development activities, understand the world of marketing and the activities of marketers, develop career aspirations and plans, and initiate actions aimed at achieving desired career goals. You are introduced to several broad career options in marketing both employed and self-employed, and to relevant knowledgeable skills such as self-marketing and personal branding that will help prepare you for a career in marketing.

  • Year 2

    • Brand Management (30 credits) - Optional

      The aim of this module is to develop your understanding of branding, brand management and brand communications. The module will focus on developing strategies to create and sustain successful brands and on developing efficient brand communication strategies.

    • Consumer Behaviour (30 credits) - Optional

      The aim of this module is to enable you to learn factors that influence consumer behaviour, how we buy, what we buy, why we buy. Relevant theories of consumer behaviour will be explored and critiqued to explain these behaviours.

    • Marketing Research (30 credits) - Compulsory

      This module aims to familiarise you with the importance of marketing research to business and the marketing research process. You will learn how to conduct a marketing research project, including establishing an appropriate research design, creating research instruments, gathering and analysing data using both qualitative and quantitative methods, and using the findings to improve marketing decision-making.

    • Entrepreneurship and Small Business Marketing (30 credits) - Optional

      This module is designed to foster entrepreneurial talent and encourage and develop entrepreneurial /small business management skills. Highlighting the diversity of entrepreneurship in today’s dynamic commercial and social environments will challenge you to think entrepreneurially. It also aims to make you aware of opportunities in the market place and generate a can-do mentality.

    • Fashion and Luxury Goods Marketing (30 credits) - Optional

      This module introduces you to the dynamic and fast-moving fashion and luxury goods industries. You will be able to apply your existing marketing skills learnt in Year 1, whilst also gaining insights to a more specialised area of marketing. Fashion Marketing is seen as being unique from other areas of marketing due to the intrinsic-change which is apparent within industry. You will be able to apply practical skills and creativity to real-life fashion industry scenarios.

    • Managing Marketing (30 credits) - Optional

      This module focuses on the management of the marketing function within the organisation to provide you with a critical understanding of the managerial issues, resource allocations, and organisational structures necessary to achieving successful marketing outcomes. You will gain theoretical and practical insights into the processes, strategies and evaluative measures needed to set up and manage a marketing team. You will understand the impact of organisational culture on the market orientation of a firm and learn how to use project management techniques to set up and increase the efficiency of a marketing project. You will gain the knowledge of measuring marketing outcomes using financial and other measures. You will also be exposed to key legal, regulatory and ethical issues in marketing management as they apply to both stakeholder relationships and marketing decisions.

  • Year 3

    • E-Marketing Strategy and Social Media (30 credits) - Compulsory

      The module explains the concepts and tools required to build and maintain an effective e-marketing and social media strategy. The module will discuss e-marketing and social media from a strategic perspective as well as focus on specific technologies and tactics.

    • Marketing Strategy and Planning (30 credits) - Compulsory

      This module aims at giving you a sound understanding of the ideas and models that are at the basis of strategic marketing and planning. The understanding is reinforced and applied in workshops and by analysing case studies, then by tackling a real life extensive project.

    • Creative Advertising and Promotion (30 credits) - Optional

      This module aims to develop your knowledge of the theory and practice of advertising and promotion. You will learn how to use both broad communication theory and specific promotion-related theory to inform and develop advertising and promotion programmes. You will learn how these promotional activities fit within and contribute to overall marketing strategies and objectives while learning to develop, implement and evaluate advertising and promotion campaigns.

    • Direct and Customer Relationship Marketing (30 credits) - Optional

      This module aims to present a view of the importance to firms of profitably managing customer relationships in order to succeed in a competitive environment. The module will focus on the development and implementation of relationship marketing strategies that enhance organisational profitability and success.

    • International Marketing (30 credits) - Optional

      This module provides you with a thorough understanding of the nature of the international market place and the complex and challenging forces that shape the current international business environment and highlights future trends. You will learn how to critically assess the implications of such forces and trends for marketing strategy and decision making when organisations operate across borders. You will also develop international marketing decision-making skills and know-how that will assist you in pursuing a career in international marketing or business.

    • New Venture Management (30 credits) - Optional

      This module is underpinned by the ethos that entrepreneurship is now a career choice for many in these challenging, dynamic and uncertain times. This module is designed to foster entrepreneurial talent and encourage and develop entrepreneurial new venture management skills. It also aims to make you aware of opportunities in the market place and how to use effectual entrepreneurship to implement and generate sustainable incomes in a world outside the academic environment.

    • Public Relations and Corporate Reputation Management (30 credits) - Optional

      This module aims to develop detailed understanding of public relations theory and practice and its role in influencing corporate reputation. The module uses practical tasks and professional simulations to enable you to engage critically with public relations planning, implementation and evaluation.

    • Research Project (30 credits) - Optional

      This module provides an excellent opportunity for you to demonstrate high quality employability skills such as the ability to design and deliver a small research project, learn independently and through supervision, and undertake an extended, methodical piece of work. A well-executed research project will give you something to distinguish yourself from your peers as well as the opportunity to show why you might be a superior candidate for graduate employment.

    • Services Marketing Management (30 credits) - Optional

      This module aims to offer in-depth exploration of services marketing management, emphasising those concepts, practices and techniques that are pertinent to service. You will synthesise and apply previous study of management, and marketing concepts and techniques, and relate business theory to practice using specialised service-sector case studies.

    • Work Internship (30 credits) - Optional

      The primary aim of the internship module is to provide you with the opportunity to undertake a period of work experience for a minimum of 30 days. This will facilitate you in gaining an insight into the world of work and appropriate conduct at work, as well as the process of becoming and staying employable through assertiveness, continuing development and reflection on both your development and the link between theory and practice. You will also develop an understanding of the organisation, sector and the environment in which it operates.

You can find more information about this course in the programme specification. Module and programme information is indicative and may be subject to change.

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  2. Teaching and learning
  3. Assessment and feedback
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  2. International
  3. How to apply
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How can the BA Marketing support your career?

Our BA Honours Marketing course prepares you for a wide range of marketing careers or for further study at postgraduate level. A marketing degree opens up a whole range of career opportunities, with an average starting salary of £26,000.

Our graduates pursue careers in all aspects of marketing including marketing research, product development, brand management, integrated marketing communications and retailing and have progressed to work for companies such as Bardingtons, Prem International School, IKEA, a number of local authorities, the NHS or they have set up their own business.

Graduates from this course have successfully gaining employment in the following roles:
Marketing Assistant, Academic Assistant, Account Executive, Junior Copy Writer, Photographic Assistant, Sales Adviser, Junior Business Development Adviser, Junior Advertising Account Manager

If you receive a 2:2 (or higher) at graduation you can apply for the CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing (Level 6) without the normal requirement of obtaining the CIM Certificate in Marketing. And if you enrol for the Diploma within two years of graduation, you’ll receive exemptions from two of the four modules.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) is the leading professional body for marketers worldwide and exists to develop the marketing profession, maintain professional standards and improve the skills of marketing practitioners. Middlesex University has joined forces with CIM to give our students the opportunity to gain CIM professional qualifications through their Graduate Gateway programme. CIM qualifications are highly sought after by employers, and Graduate Gateway alongside our own degrees, ensures we are equipping our students with the best opportunities for a successful marketing career.

  • Nils Wurl

    Marketing BA student

    Middlesex University offered me the right course in the right location. Having talked to the Programme Leader at an Open Day, I was convinced that Middlesex was the right choice for me.

    The best thing about the course is the lecturing staff. They are not only teaching us the relevant theory but also they relate the subject content to real life projects and scenarios. It is my hope that the knowledge and experiences I've gained will help me in my goal of finding employment in the marketing sector. I'm really enjoying my time at Middlesex and I've already recommended it to friends in Germany who are looking at studying a Masters.

  • Ugne Mikucionyte

    Marketing BA graduate

    After three years at Middlesex, I am confident in saying that this is the most amazing degree to study, anywhere in the world! The content of the course is brilliant, from Principles of Marketing to Public Relations and International Marketing. The course flows seamlessly and you learn more and more with each year that passed.

    I've always had high ambitions, but my experiences at Middlesex have raised my ambitions further. My final year at Middlesex really helped me to understand what career path I'd like to follow. I plan to go into PR or creative advertising in an international capacity. Middlesex teaches you not only theory, but the practical elements too and I know I'll be able to apply these in my career.

  • Inayat Patel

    Marketing BA graduate

    The BA Marketing course appealed to me because of the variety of topics, modules and assessment methods offered which really help identify the strengths of an individual. The course's links with industry organisations such as the Chartered Institute of Marketing gave the course great credibility.

    I've really enjoyed the course's attempt to simulate real life scenarios within the classroom. Also, because tutors come from academic and industrial backgrounds, it allows them to offer balanced opinions whilst I'm trying to establish my career path. Since joining Middlesex, I now have the confidence to say that I would like to potentially continue my studies into postgraduate and aim for employment in a senior marketing position within highly established, marketing-orientated, companies such as Audi, Coca-Cola and Apple.

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