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Commuting to university

If you're planning to live at home while you study and commute to university, we'll help you find the right balance between campus and home life, whatever your commitments.

Uni and home life balance

We have spaces to learn and spend time between classes when you're on campus during the day. Then there are plenty of ways to get involved in our student community after class.

Here's how to make the most of commuting to Middlesex.

Flexible ways to work on campus

We'll support you to make the most of study time between classes.

  • Free e-textbooks and digital resources including e-journals
  • Spaces for group work and private study
  • 24/7 library opening and 24 hour laptop loan - including on weekends
  • Free printing and photocopying.

Libraries, IT and study spaces

Digital resources to use at home

When you want to study from home, we make sure you have digital access to everything you need there too. You can revise from your favourite spot in your bedroom or write your coursework after you’ve finished work.

You pick where and when you want to learn.

"Home study is easy for me as the library is largely accessible digitally. Middlesex also offer support via Skype and email that has been invaluable to me during my placements."  

Bronwyn, BSc Nursing (Mental Health)

I live at home. You save a lot of money and the location is so perfect, it’s never been an issue for me. Everything has been a plus, plus, plus for me.

Ireena, LLB Law

Get involved in our student community

There's a welcoming and open community of students on our north London campus. When you spend time in our social spaces, it’s easy to meet new people who commute like you as well as students who live close to uni.

Join clubs and societies

Experience new things together by getting involved in clubs and societies on campus and the busy calendar of events organised by the Students' Union. There's also a student community network for commuting students who support each other to have the best possible student experience.

Get off campus together

Show your new friends around your favourite parts of London – and further away - when you feel like going off campus. We’re ten minutes from the Northern line and Thameslink rail line and close to the North Circular and A41.

Never miss out on weekends

Tubes run 24 hours a day at the weekends and night buses run all week so there's never a reason to miss out on something happening on campus. Travel home with another student going the same way or even stay with a friend living nearby.

Support from your family and friends

Your family and friends stay a big part of your life when you commute to uni. That means you keep your support network from school and work and you get the benefits of your current social life along with your new uni life.

I live with my mum. Before I came here I was anxious about meeting people. As soon as you’re here, everyone is so open. Everyone speaks to everyone.

Malyun, BA Criminology

Save money - and earn some too

No extra accommodation costs means that it's cheaper to live at home and commute. If you already have a part-time job where you live, you might be able to keep it on. Or we can support you to find a student job on campus.

Make uni affordable

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