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Welcome to Middlesex University! We are thrilled that you are considering studying with us.

Studying abroad is a big decision which is why we have created this page to help you find out more about our courses, how to apply, and what student life is like in London.

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Your application

Depending on which level of study you are applying for there are a number of ways to submit your application:



If you have already made an application, check the status on our online application portal.

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  • Important information

    • Academic and English language requirements

      If you have any questions about entry requirements and the suitability of your qualifications, please contact your regional team.

      Level of study

      Entry requirements

      Undergraduate - Year 1

      We require one of the following for entry to most of our undergraduate courses:

      • Ecuadorian Senior Secondary School (Bachillerato) and completion of the International Baccalaureate Diploma
      • American High School diploma with SATs and Advanced Placement exams
      • Bachillerato and a recognised one-year foundation course
      • One year of college/university-level study
      • Professional Diploma from a technical school (two years post-secondary in a specialised field of study)

      Students who only have the Bachillerato can apply for our one-year International Foundation Programme – if you complete this successfully, you'll automatically progress to a Middlesex University degree course.

      Undergraduate - Year 2 and 3

      You may be considered for entry to years two or three of our undergraduate courses if you have completed a period of study at university. Please contact the Americas & Caribbean Regional Team for more details.


      We usually require a good Licenciado/bachelors degree (four years or more) from a recognised institution in a subject relevant to your proposed postgraduate study. We generally expect you to have achieved at least 3.5 out of 5.0 or 7 where graded out of 10.

      You must also satisfy our standard English language requirements.

    • Fees, funding and scholarships

      Middlesex scholarships and awards

      If you're a talented student, you may be eligible for either our Regional or International Merit Award, which rewards students with up to £2,000 towards course fees for all taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

      We also have a limited number of £5,000 Academic Excellence Scholarship Awards available to North and South American students who have demonstrated high levels of academic excellence in their previous studies.

      Visit our scholarships page for a list of all other Middlesex scholarships you may be eligible for.

      How to apply

      Students are only eligible to receive one scholarship award. The awards are for full undergraduate or postgraduate degree courses. Students must have applied to Middlesex and received an offer before they can apply for any of these scholarship awards.

      To apply, please use our online application form.

      Other scholarships

      You can also apply for the British Government's Chevening Scholarships, and a variety of private agencies and charities for scholarships, bursaries and grants to study in the UK. For more information visit the British Council website or the UK Council for International Student Affairs website.

      European Heritage Scholarship

      At Middlesex, we want to recognize your heritage. Students from North and South America who have dual citizenship from an EU country are eligible for the EU Heritage Scholarship. This award allows students to pay EU fees rather than international fees for the full duration of the programme.

      SENESCYT scholarships

      Ecuador's Ministry of Science and Innovation (SENESCYT) offers up to US $250,000 in scholarships for flights, the course of study and living costs in return for working in Ecuador for two years for every one year abroad.

      Chevening Scholarship

      The Chevening Scholarship scheme offers financial support to study for a masters degree in the UK in the following fields: Human Rights, Governance and Democracy, Media and journalism, Security, International Trade and Investment related areas, International Relations and Diplomacy, Sustainable Development and Climate Change.

      A scholarship includes: a monthly stipend, travel to and from your country via an approved route, an arrival and excess baggage allowance, a thesis or dissertation grant, the cost of an entry clearance visa and tuition fees to a limit of £12,000.

      Fundación Beca

      Fundacion Beca can assist Latin American postgraduate students with obtaining loans to study in the UK.

    • Visa information

      The following requirements must be met in order for your visa application to be successful:

      UKVI Requirements

      • Submit an online application through the UKVI website. You will need to submit your valid CAS, payment of the visa fee and immigration health surcharge
      • Upload the relevant supporting documents (passport, academic documents, evidence of meeting or being exempt from English language requirements, evidence of meeting financial requirements, ATAS certificate if required, TB test certificate if required)
      • Biometric data collected at the visa application centre

      Successful applicants will receive an Entry Clearance vignette in their passport and will be able to collect their Biometric Residence permit in the UK.

    • Contact us

      Americas and Caribbean Regional Team

      Our dedicated Regional Team provides tailored support to students from Ecuador. The team can advise on course applications, scholarships, visa applications, English language courses and much more.

      Book a call: fill out this form to get a call back from the regional team at a selected time and date.

      Email: americas@mdx.ac.uk
      Phone: +44 (0)208-411-4101

      Trusted educational consultant in Ecuador

      Our trusted partner in Ecuador can also advise you on applying to Middlesex and support you through the application process.

      MAS Education

      Email: simonterrington@maseducation.org
      Phone: +57 (0)320 4945977
      Website: www.maseducation.org

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