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Academic quality

Academic Quality Service (AQS)

The Academic Quality Service has institutional responsibility for quality assurance and enhancement, and provides administrative support for quality processes in Schools. The Academic Quality Service:

  • maintains and updates the University's quality procedures which are concerned with activities such as programme validation and review, annual/quality monitoring, student feedback, external examiners etc.
  • monitors implementation of the quality procedures in schools, services and partners
  • provides administrative and operational management support to schools for taught programme quality activities such as validations and reviews etc
  • officers and minutes the key University committees concerned with academic quality and standards
  • works with schools, the Institute, services and/or partners to prepare for QAA audit (see below) and similar exercises
  • ensures the University provides KIS and WIS as defined by HEFCE/HESA
  • represents the University to external quality assurance bodies (e.g. the QAA), and
  • acts as the University's key academic quality point of contact.

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