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Olukayode Abraham AJULO

Profile of Olukayode ABRAHAM AJULO

Olukayode Abraham AJULO is a PhD student in the School of Law at Middlesex University London. 


Olukayode Ajulo completed his LLB in 1999 at the University of Jos, Nigeria, he was called to the Nigerian Bar in 2001 and he also enrolled in the LLM at the University of Jos, Nigeria, where he graduated with a distinction in International Human Rights, Taxation and Commercial Law in 2007.

He will draw from his over a decade legal experience at the Nigerian Bar, which was preceded by his experience as a public analyst, civil rights activist and students' leader.

His current involvement as an adjunct lecturer in Corporate and Private Law Department at one of the established Universities of Western Nigeria has also contributed to his keen interest in his research area. In addition, that interest is propelled by his extra-curricular engagement as Founder and Executive Director of The Egalitarian Mission Africa, a non-governmental organization dedicated to the promotion of equity, social equality and justice in Africa, one of the platform of which he has functioned as Legal Adviser, Arbitrator and Mediator in the resolution of conflicts and youth restiveness in the oil producing communities in Nigeria.

His previous researches were in the area of Corporation, essential investigation and a broad assessment of director's duties and rights as well as comparative analysis of Takeovers, Mergers and Acquisitions.


Olukayode Ajulo is a member of several notable organisations, including; Avant Garde International, International Association of Human Rights Lawyers, Nigerian Red Cross, the Nigerian Institute of Management, the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) and International Bar Association(IBA), Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, UK and a founder of Egalitarian Mission Africa, an NGO based in Nigeria for the promotion of rule of law, equity and fairness.

Olukayode Ajulo is renowned for his activism; as he has been in very active advocacy campaign for global good governance and democracy as well being one of the leading voices against corruptionnepotism and injustice.

He founded a full commercial and litigation incline Law firm, Kayode Ajulo & Co. Castle of Law in 2005 and presently acts as the firm Managing Partner.

Research interests

Olukayode's research interests are in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Justice. His PhD thesis is titled 'CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AND SOCIAL JUSTICE: A CASE STUDY OF THE OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY IN NIGERIA'.

The research is focusing on some aspects of the legal framework and imperatives for universal concern about the role of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the attainment of Social Justice on the part of business organizations, particularly those in the Oil & Gas Industry in Nigeria.

The research will emphasize the peculiarities of Nigeria, a developing country with one of the world's largest deposit of crude oil, however with a weak economic base and problems of commitment on the part of government's institutions in ensuring social justice despite several constitutional and statutory provisions.

The main objective behind the study is to bring to the fore the imperatives for using primarily all available legal tools where possible in the struggle for social justice in a Third World country. Where there are inadequacies in the law, the research will attempt to provide directions for legal review as well as for comparative adaptation from other legal regimes.

Languages spoken

  • English 
  • Yoruba

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