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Why go to university?


Deciding whether to enter higher education and which university to go to is a very important decision for your son or daughter. University will help your child achieve their future goals and ambitions by equipping them with the knowledge, abilities and experience they need in an increasingly competitive environment.

On average, according to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, graduates can comfortably expect to earn £168k-£252k more than someone who does not have a degree and are less likely to be unemployed over their lifetime. Graduates are also much more likely to be promoted to managerial and senior positions.


Higher education provides a unique opportunity for your son or daughter to immerse themselves in a subject that really interests them. Learning new things expands horizons, opening up new avenues of academic pursuit or career pathways not previously considered.

University experience

Socialising, networking and collaborating with people from diverse backgrounds in a rich cultural and social scene helps students learn how to engage and work with different people, and expands their knowledge of different cultures and ways of working with others.

University also allows young people to get involved with a range of activities that lead to new experiences. From sports clubs to volunteering projects, all these opportunities help build a bank of demonstrable skills for the future.

Fees and funding

We recognise that, despite the benefits of a university degree, some parents are concerned about the fees charged by Higher Education Institutions. If you would like more information about fees and funding in order to advise your son/daughter in making their choice, please visit our Undergraduate Fees and funding section.

We do not want anyone to be discouraged from studying with us because of their financial situation. Middlesex therefore offers a range of scholarships and bursaries for those who may need help. Make sure you visit our Scholarships and bursaries page as your son/daughter may be eligible for one of the awards listed there.

Open days

For students, open days are one of the best ways to discover more about a university and decide whether it is the right place to study. In fact, 69% of all prospective students who attended our open days in 2014 said the open day convinced them to apply to Middlesex.Open days are also a great opportunity for parents to explore the environment in which their son/daughter may potentially spend the next three years. Please visit our Open day page to book your place at our next event.

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