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IPL4050 Pathway for MSc Mental Health Studies

Pathway for Middlesex University graduates from the Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing (Mental Health) or the Postgraduate Diploma in Mental Health Practice programmes

This Masters degree includes a single module of 60 credits at level 7, 'Developing research capability'.

The successful completion of this module will enable you to convert your Postgraduate Diploma into a MSc Mental Health Studies.

Developing research capability 

The module is delivered over 12 months and assessed through a research proposal and a research dissertation/ project. The module outcomes provide you with a framework to negotiate and set learning goals for designing, implementing and writing up a piece of small scale research. A series of five one day workshops, individual tutorials and supervision will support you from conception of the research question /problem to completion of your research dissertation/ project. In order to successfully complete the module you will need to be engaged from the start of the module as an inquirer and critical friend to others in your peer group. We also ask you to commence the module with knowledge of the research ethics requirements and procedures of your organisation and some thoughts on what your research project might be about, so that you will maximise your chances of success in the module. 

Programme outcomes

On completion of this programme you will have the knowledge and understanding of:

  • The advanced skills and knowledge needed to undertake a large scale mental health related research or work based learning project;
  • How to make evidence based recommendations, in the context of the complex and multifaceted factors affecting mental health care, for future mental health research or service development.

If you require more specific information about the module content, please contact Dr Margaret Volante. Please note that queries regarding fees will need to be addressed by the finance department.

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