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Studying with us during coronavirus in 2020 to 2021


We’ll help you find your new home in London while you study at Middlesex

Applying for accommodation for 2021

During the coronavirus outbreak, we’ve made some changes to our halls of residence so we can keep you safe and make sure you don't miss out on the best parts of student life.

Plus we've made the process of applying for accommodation more flexible to fit around your plans.

If you want a room in halls for spring 2021, we recommend that you delay moving into accommodation until national lockdown restrictions are lifted, sometime after mid-February. We'll have rooms available to book throughout the spring term.

Two students outside their accommodation block at Middlesex University

  • What you need to know

    • Your safety in halls of residence

      We’re aiming to make your experience of living in halls of residence as normal and fun as possible.

      We're currently arranging accommodation so that you’ll form a 'hall household' or social bubble with students in the rooms around you and you’ll share a kitchen. This means that you’ll be able to spend time together without keeping social distance from each other. We'll keep reviewing these plans to make sure they follow changing government guidelines around social distancing and safety.

      For now visitors are not allowed into halls. We’ll continue to review this as government guidelines change.

      Your safety is always our priority.  We’ve been working hard with the teams in our halls to arrange extra regular communal area cleaning, hand sanitiser in key spots, as well as one way systems where possible.

    • Support to help you feel at home

      Our Accommodation team and the great teams in our halls of residence will help you to adjust when you arrive so you’re as comfortable as possible.

      Each halls has a friendly team of Resident Assistants, who are students just like you. They'll help you with questions about uni and your flat as well as being a familiar face around the hall. They'll also organise regular kitchen meetings and activities, from online quizzes to socially distanced picnics, and make plans for your ‘hall household’ like bake-offs and games nights.

      We understand some students will be looking forward to living with and getting to new people in their accommodation and others will be worried about the potential risk. We'll be here to support you, however you're feeling.

    • Quarantining and self-isolating in halls

      If you do test positive for COVID-19, you will need to self-isolate immediately and let us know as soon as possible by completing this short form (and reading this privacy notice).

      We’ve allocated specific flats areas for students who need to self-isolate and your move in date gives you two weeks before the start of term. If you want to move after those 14 days we can arrange that if there’s other rooms available.

      If a student within your ‘hall household’ has symptoms of COVID-19, then your whole flat will need to self-isolate following government guidelines. In case this happens, you'll need to buy enough food to last a couple of weeks in case and arrange for someone outside your flat to buy essential things for you.

    • Making the decision to move to campus

      If you're a UK student and we’re planning to teach your course fully online then it’s your personal decision whether to move to accommodation.

      You might choose to live in halls straightaway so you can get involved in campus life or decide that you’d like to stay at home for now and move after a few months, or even longer. We’re taking a flexible approach to deadlines and move in dates so you can do what’s best for you. If you’re not sure about your plans then we’re here to give you advice.

      If you're an international student and you’ve applied for a course that’s taught fully online, then you won’t be able to move to campus for the start of your course because of UK Visa and Immigration regulations. Speak to your Regional Office for more info on your options.

    • Deadlines and when to apply

      There’s currently no set deadline to apply for accommodation. We recommend that you delay moving to accommodation in spring 2021 until national lockdown restrictions are lifted sometime after mid-February. Don't worry, we'll have rooms available to book throughout the spring term so you won't miss out. We’re being as flexible as possible if you need to change your mind and can’t take up your place, as long as you let us know about your change of circumstances as soon as you can. We’ll always do our best to find you a room, depending on availability.

      To get the latest updates on availability of rooms in halls, fill out this online form.

    • Deposits, rent payments and refunds

      You won’t need to pay a deposit when you apply for accommodation. Instead we’ll ask you to make an advance rent payment when you accept an offer of accommodation. If you decide to cancel your room before the start of term and there’s enough time for another student to take it, we’ll refund any money you’ve paid. If you don’t take your room, for example because there is a second wave of the coronavirus outbreak and there is no teaching on campus, then you will not be charged for that term.

      We understand that it’s difficult to make plans at the moment and we’ll be as flexible as possible as things change – in your personal circumstances and around the world. The most important thing is to tell the Accommodation team as soon as possible and we will work with you to find a solution.

    • Support for different accommodation needs

      Get in touch with our team if you need different kinds of support with your accommodation.  They’ll put together a support plan for you and make a recommendation to the Accommodation team.

Help with accommodation

With everything happening right now, we understand that you might need some extra support finding the right place to live.

If you're moving away from home for uni, then we're here to help you find accommodation in our own halls and halls shared with other universities. We can also help you to find you a private rented place in London.

Get accommodation advice

Call +44 (0)20 8411 6121

Email accomm@mdx.ac.uk

Halls of residence

There are many benefits to living in halls of residence. Here are three top reasons to choose halls.

Strong student community

Living in halls is a great way to meet people. Make the most of shared spaces to study, eat, watch TV and play sport together.

Safety and security

Our halls have 24-hour reception and security teams so there's always someone around to help. The team will also fix maintenance problems quickly with no hassle.

Our accommodation guarantee

We guarantee accommodation in halls for all full-time first year undergraduate and postgraduate students. Get more details about how our guarantee works on the halls pages.

Essential information about halls

Practical information about halls - from how to apply to what to do when you move in and how to pay your rent.

What you need to know

Private rented accommodation

Renting somewhere of your own is a way to be more independent. You can find flats, houses and rooms with live-in landlord in the area close to campus. This a popular choice for students in Year 2 and 3.

Search for accommodation

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