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Studying with us during coronavirus in 2020 to 2021

Teaching and learning plans for 2020 to 2021

How you'll learn when you start uni

We’ve put everything in place so you'll get a great learning experience and lots of support when you start your course in autumn 2020 or spring 2021.

We want to do this in a flexible way that works for you and follows government advice around keeping safe.

Read about our plans for your first term of study below.  If you’re not sure about something, ask us a question.

Our mix of online and face to face teaching

  • We're planning to teach you through a mix of online virtual and face to face learning during autumn 2020 and spring 2021
  • This means we can keep everyone safe while aiming to give you some opportunities to come onto campus
  • Big group lectures might be online while some smaller classes or practical activities could happen on campus
  • You could also move between blended learning and fully online virtual learning during the term
  • If you can’t make it to campus for whatever reason, we’ll work to make sure you can start your course fully online. If you’re a nursing or teacher training student, you'll have to be on campus for a number of days at the start of your course.

What this means for your course

These arrangements might be slightly different across the different courses that we offer.  If you’ve got an offer to study with us, we’ll send you more information on what this means for your course in June and July.

We’ll continue to review our plans during the autumn term as we get more information from the government and keep you updated on plans for your second term.

How your subject will be taught

Got a question now?

How you’ll learn practical skills

  • Our courses teach you advanced skills and how to apply them, both in digital spaces and hands on situations
  • If you're not able to practice your skills in the facilities on campus at any point during your course then we'll support you to create a learning environment at home with the right software and other resources.

How we’ll support you to succeed

  • We’ll help you stay on track with your academic development with personal support, like a tutor and student learning assistants
  • You’ll have access to our library services with all the resources you need plus expert support
  • You’ll get personal academic, writing and numeracy support with well-being and personal support available online too if you need it.

What teaching and learning looks like

Our blended courses are taught in a flexible way through a combination of online and on campus sessions. Your learning is personal to you and designed to work around other commitments in your life.You’ll learn through a mix of these four styles and in a mix of online and on campus sessions.

Active learning

  • Your tutor will lead a timetable of live, interactive sessions
  • You’ll also take part in seminars, tutorials, labs and demos.

Supported learning

  • Our schedule of bite size recorded sessions plus tools like quizzes put you in control of when you learn
  • Personal conversations with your tutor are important here with flexible one to ones and catch ups.

Group learning

  • You’ll work with other students to take the lead
  • You’ll support each other to learn through group and one to one project work.

Independent learning

  • This is your time to read, listen and reflect
  • You choose when and where
  • You’ll work through what you're learned and complete exercises to show you’ve understood.

Virtual learning means I've been able to collaborate on new projects and be part of exciting live streams and events

Anayis Der Hakopian, BA Animation

MDX Live + On Demand

Get to know MDX for yourself with our mix of live virtual events and on demand content. Find out about how you'll learn your subject, chat with students and check out student life on campus.

So even if you can't make it to campus right now, you can get a feel for what it's like to be here and the information and support you need.

Get started

It's unbelievable how much virtual support I've had from teaching staff as the university has changed recently

Valentina Alberti, BA Tourism

How we'll help you connect

Coming to uni isn't just about your course. Team MDX is a positive and supportive community where we look out for each other. You'll feel that energy digitally too. We'll work with you to build a virtual network before you start studying so you'll have connections with other students on your course.

Along with our online teaching, you can take part in virtual hangouts, live streams, virtual social events and networking opportunities so you don't miss out on any big moments in university life.

Student life in autumn 2020

Hear from current students

We've put everything in place to try and make sure you have a great learning experience in your first term. Just like we have for our current students who have been learning virtually since we moved our teaching online.

Hear from our current undergraduate students and Course Ambassadors about their experience of studying with us.

If you've got an offer with us

If you're thinking about studying with us

Our current students Isobel, Kyle and Haniss discussed their virtual learning experiences during lockdown on our Student Life podcast. Listen to the full episode on Spotify.

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Join us on InstagramFacebook and Twitter to see what students and staff are doing as a virtual community and get the latest updates on our work.

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