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Studying with us during coronavirus in 2021

How your undergraduate subject will be taught

What to expect this autumn

If you're thinking about studying with us, you’ve probably got questions about our plans for teaching and learning for the start of term. Read our guide for your subject to find out how we'll combine virtual and face to face learning methods.

  • Arts and creative industries

  • Visual Effects and Games

    Working in a digital space is already at the core of our teaching on both the Digital Media and Games Design programmes.

    Virtual learning - Visual effects and games

  • Film and TV

    With a network of over 120 industry partners, our Film and TV programmes are finding innovative ways to offer new and exciting learning opportunities.

    Virtual learning - Film and TV

  • Fashion

    Fashion has great success teaching and learning in a digital space. Find out how our fantastic creative community continues to grow even stronger in a digital space.

    Virtual learning - Fashion

  • Undergraduate students walking outside Middlesex University

    Graphic Design and Illustration

    Our Graphic Design and Illustration courses allow students to practice creating and working in a digital space which is invaluable when entering the creative industry.

    Virtual learning - Graphic design and illustration

  • Photography

    Discover new ways of learning about Photography with our weekly online Photoshop , Capture One and 'Technical Tuesdays' sessions.

    Virtual learning - Photography

  • Fine Art

    In Fine Art, our students are staying connected virtually by creating support groups on social platforms to share, discuss and critique their work.

    Virtual learning - Fine art

  • Animation

    Access a digital realm where Animation students can collaborate on outside projects and continuously hone their digital networking skills.

    Virtual learning - Animation

  • Interiors

    Learn how to communicate your creative thinking and get ahead of the Interior Design industries by utilising our free softwares.

    Virtual learning - Interiors

  • Creative Media and Communications

    Virtual learning is already a key component of the Creative Media and Communications courses, so we are well equipped to support you in this way.

    Virtual learning - Creative media and communications

  • Dance

    Join a vibrant Dance community that supports remote learning through instructional videos, interactive links to dance professionals and much more.

    Virtual learning - Dance

  • Music

    Our Music programme offer equipment loans to support practical learning and continue its personal approach to teaching through one to one tutorials and more.

    Virtual learning - Music

  • Theatre Arts

    Theatre Arts has an array of virtual teaching styles such as an online skills programme, ideas lab and new software and scenographic techniques.

    Virtual learning - Theatre arts

  • Professional and social sciences

  • Accounting and Finance

    Accounting and Finance has already put in the work to digitise their resources. This means you have access to industry leading software and databases for home study.

    Virtual learning - Accounting and finance

  • Economics

    Join an interactive online community where you can participate in online lectures and seminars, virtual office hours, and even weekly coffee chats.

    Virtual learning - Economics

  • Business Management

    With over ten years of experience delivering distance learning programmes, Middlesex Business School are ready to embrace the transition to teaching online.

    Virtual learning - Business management

  • Marketing

    Our Marketing courses provide access to some of the top academic professionals in the industry through our online learning environment.

    Virtual learning - marketing

  • Tourism

    Tourism offers various modes of teaching that suits your needs and schedule. Collaborative group work, on demand and pre-recorded lectures and more.

    Virtual learning - Tourism

  • Criminology

    Criminology has launched brand new programmes with a focus on offering flexible and tailored courses to offer students greater choice and specialisms.

    Virtual learning - Criminology

  • Sociology

    Our Sociology department is well positioned to work in a digital space. Explore our virtual teaching through recorded lectures, e-textbooks and more.

    Virtual learning - Sociology

  • Law

    As part of the Law School, you’ll have unique access to the top researchers and industry professionals in the world through your online learning environment.

    Virtual learning - Law

  • Politics

    Be part of a collaborative community where you’ll also get access to connect with our staff who drive change in the world with their innovative Political research.

    Virtual learning - Politics

  • Education and Early Childhood Studies

    Our Education and Early Childhood courses offer invaluable support from staff and will prepare you with the skills and expertise to excel.

    Virtual learning - Education and early childhood studies

  • Teacher Training

    Teacher training encourages students to expand on different ways of learning. This includes participating in a mix of online virtual and face to face teaching.

    Virtual learning - Teacher training

  • Social Work

    We offer online services such as personal conversations with your tutor to ensure you are equipped throughout your Social Work studies.

    Virtual learning - Social work

  • Nursing

    Being part of an Nursing online community means that we’ll help you stay on track with your academic development and offer any personal support.

    Virtual learning - Nursing

  • Midwifery

    Our Midwifery courses teach you advanced skills and how to apply them, both in digital spaces and hands on situations.

    Virtual learning - Midwifery

  • Veterinary Nursing

    Our Veterinary courses provide many tools for supported learning such as our schedule of bite size recorded sessions, quizzes and online group work.

    Virtual learning - Veterinary Nursing

  • Science and technology

  • Biomedical Science

    Our Biomedical Science degrees continue to offer practical experience in our state-of-the-art labs whilst also expanding our virtual laboratories for teaching.

    Virtual learning - biological sciences

  • Biological Sciences

    Virtual laboratories, group collaboration and face-to-face classes are all part of our blended approach to teaching our Biological Sciences programmes.

    Virtual learning - biological sciences

  • Computing and IT

    Computing and IT encourages practical and lecture focused learning styles. Find out what our lectures might look like from current Computer Science students.

    Virtual learning - computing and IT

  • Design Engineering

    From our library support services going online to virtual department socials, our Design Engineering programmes are working together to stay connected.

    Virtual learning - design engineering

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    Be part of the Mathematics online learning community where you will receive all the support you need to do your best throughout your degree.

    Virtual learning - mathematics

  • Psychology

    Explore our distinctive teaching of the British Psychological Society curriculum and how to apply Psychology to enhance your own wellbeing.

    Virtual learning - psychology

  • Sport and Exercise

    Delve into our Sport and Exercise programmes to uncover how we use flipped classroom learning to make the most of your time with academics and students.

    Virtual learning - sport and exercise

  • Environmental Health

    Our Environmental, Occupational and Public Health courses weave virtual and face-to-face teaching together to ensure that you have the best education possible.

    Virtual learning - environmental health

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