LQE Handbook - Section 5

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Section 5 - Collaborations with other institutions


Guidance 5(i) - Checklist for development and launch of a collaborative programme

Guidance 5(ii) - Responsibilities of Link Tutors

Guidance 5(iii) - The language of tuition and/or assessment

Guidance 5(iv) - Collaborative programmes comparison 2018/19

Guidance 5(v) - Guidance for partners on the implementation of the QAA Code of Practice - to be confirmed following publication from QAA

Guidance 5(vi) - Operational calendar for Link Tutors

Guidance 5(vii) - Serious problems and complaints procedure for collaborative partners

Guidance 5(viii) - Programme planning leading to joint or dual awards

Guidance 5(ix) - Administrative and operational procedures for collaborative programmes

Guidance 5(x) - Criteria for contingency replacement awards

Guidance 5(xi) - Types of contingency plans

Guidance 5(xii) - Institutional Approval visit agenda


Appendix 5a - Institutional approval: Preliminary enquiries

Appendix 5b - Institutional approval report template

Appendix 5c - Report template for the approval of new delivery centres or additional campuses of already approved institutions

Appendix 5d - Risk assessment tool for institutional approval without the need for a visit

Appendix 5e - Report template for institutional approval without the need for a visit

Appendix 5f - Institutional review report template

Appendix 5g - Partnership Agreement template 2018-19

Appendix 5h - Institutional Approval commentary form

Appendix 5i - Institutional Re-approval commentary form

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