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Our Student Charter 2015-17

Middlesex University is an ambitious University which aims to deliver an exceptional student educational experience through inspiring and impactful teaching and research.

The University aspires to work in partnership with students and Students' Union – and this Charter sets out our shared commitment to the characteristics of our community that will support our students’ success.

The Charter acts as a broad stroke descriptor of our shared responsibilities for achieving our ambition – with more comprehensive information on each point held elsewhere. The Charter’s relevance is maintained through bi-annual review – both by the University’s Academic Board and the Student Union Voice Conference.

University Staff, Students’ Union and Students:


— will interact with fairness and respect
— should by their actions enhance the reputation of the university
— value diversity across disciplines, communities and cultures
— demonstrate responsibility for their academic, personal and professional development
— consider and respond to feedback appropriately
— respect the physical environment of the university
— utilise resources effectively in line with the university’s responsibilities to sustainability
— contribute positively to the local community
— be aware of the regulatory environment in which we operate

Teaching and engagement

— engage with high quality teaching and support
— ensure teaching, learning and curriculum are informed by research and professional practice
— clarify and meet expectations of attendance, behaviour and assessment
— communicate change effectively through pre-identified channels
— engage with curriculum that supports personal and professional development
— engage with placement opportunities to support future employment
— apply the time and effort necessary for academic success

Assessment and Feedback

— ensure assessment is informed by a strong understanding of the tasks and criteria of the assessment process
— maintain an awareness of the regulations that cover assessment
— maintain commitments to assessment deadlines for submission and for feedback

Course Management

— ensure they are familiar with the programme handbook
— engage fully with the Student Voice scheme to ensure student engagement in the academic experience

Support for students

— demonstrate a commitment to wellbeing through access to, delivery and uptake of a range of professional support services including: counselling, academic development, finance and employability support
— familiarise themselves with the resources of the campus
— offer extra-curricular opportunities through the provision and support of societies, clubs,
and events

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