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Tim Boughton

Tim BroughtonTim Boughton KCN GCM CStJ FInstLM

‘Wellbeing and Cognitive Performance: Mental Health as a dimension of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion’

Tim Boughton is one of the UK’s leading champions of mental health issues in the workplace. From his own experience of suffering PTSD in 2008 - as a result of his childhood experiences and military service (1989-2008), both as an Army Officer and Royal Navy Commando Pilot - he has become a highly regarded and sought-after voice on Mental Health, Wellbeing and Cognitive Performance issues.

He was awarded a Knighthood for his work with the Governor General of Antigua and Barbuda and CARICOM in 2014, Grand Cross of the Order of Merit, and Commander of The Order of St John also in 2014 by HM The Queen.

In 2019, he was appointed as the Specialist Advisor to the British Army on Mental Health where he was tasked to ‘speak truth to power’. He has given evidence in Parliament on numerous occasions, been retained by Government, engaged by the military and delivered talks to numerous FTSE 100 companies on the impact of mental health and performance, both in the workplace and at board level. Recruited to challenge boards and expand their thinking, he has also been used to sit alongside CEO’s and their teams, to deliver direct and intelligent thought around the visions that they may have individually and as a business.

Tim’s ability to work with, and to highlight the spectre of, mental fitness and mental resilience has delivered meaningful impact within these organisations and on their personnel. His latest work is around ‘Cognitive Performance’ – how we use our mind as a weapon in business and sport; understanding what it is capable of and how we need to look after it to generate maximum awareness and performance.

Tim works with elite teams, military, special forces and high achieving individuals to obtain the mental margin that training does not deliver to great effect. He believes that mindfulness has a place in the corporate and military environment to not only reduce stress, but also increase productivity, performance and awareness in a complex world. He has just completed a research-based Masters in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy at Oxford University.

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