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Middlesex gets hands-on at successful Find a Future event

Middlesex students and staff ran popular ‘have a go’ experiences at this year’s Find a Future event, at Haberdashers Hall in London.

On 22nd July, skills and careers specialists Find a Future ran the event to give partners and journalists a taste of what's to come at its Skills Show in November.

Middlesex University was one of the selected organisations running Have a Go opportunities at the event, so those attending could try new skills for themselves.

Led by Christopher Ring, Senior Lecturer in Microbiology at Middlesex, the team included Ken Paveling, Vu Dang, Daniel Duddy and Salma Mostafa.

Their impressive display was on the theme of Health and Environment: From Hand to Mouth. Their stall included display materials including 3D models, exhibits of pathogens, slide viewers, models of cooked and uncooked food and even stuffed rats.

A microscope was set up to show stained bacteria on a laptop screen. And there was the chance for attendees to get really 'hands on' - with a hand washing activity that demonstrated just how thorough you need to be.

Each participant applied fluorescent gel to their hands then washed their hands normally. They were then encouraged to look at their hands under a UV lamp - to highlight just how much dye remained as an indicator of sub-optimal washing.

There was also an investigation of common contamination activities - with testing of bench surfaces, mobile phones and hands to highlight levels of microbial activity.

Middlesex Senior Lecturer Christopher Ring said: "It was a great opportunity for us to showcase Middlesex and to highlight some of the exciting employment opportunities that may be opened up after studying our Environmental & Public Health courses. My thanks go to the team who assisted me in providing such an informative and entertaining interactive display in such impressive surroundings."

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