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Cohan Collective choreography residency hosted at Middlesex University

Choreographers and composers will spend two weeks collaborating during an intensive residency programme created by renowned New York choreographer and Middlesex University Visiting Professor, Robert Cohan CBE

A Cohan Collective session takes place in a dance studio
An intensive choreographic residency programme created by world-renowned choreographer Professor Robert Cohan CBE and Yorke Dance Project is to be hosted at Middlesex University, running for two weeks from 24 August 2015.

Partially funded by the Arts Council of England, the Cohan Collective aims to further develop the depth and quality of choreographers' and composers' work and working methods. It will run in collaboration with Yorke Dance Project and is supported by Dance and Music at Middlesex University.

This year's pilot programme brings choreographers and composers together to work under the mentorship of Professor Robert Cohan CBE and his long-time collaborator, composer and Middlesex Artist in Residence, Eleanor Alberga.

"How do we make dances better? How do we continue to both refine and challenge our methods? How can we encourage more fully-realised and deeply-considered dance-making from ourselves and from our colleagues?" - Professor Robert Cohan, May 2015

"Many of today's choreographers emerge from established dance companies and one can discover much about choreographing, learning on one's feet, as a dancer," explains Yolande Yorke- Edgell, Director of Yorke Dance Project and Cohan Collective.

"The Cohan Collective will offer artists the opportunity to immerse themselves in the process of making dances without having to worry about the viability of the product they are working on. Getting as deeply as possible into the process itself will be the only goal."

Three choreographers at varying stages of their development – Jonathan Goddard, Phil Sanger and YDP's recent Causeway Young Artist in Residence, Charlotte Edmonds – will join the Cohan Collective, working with composers Rolf Hind, Donna McKevitt and Middlesex University graduate Andy Kyte.

Recent graduates from London Contemporary Dance School, London Studio Centre and Middlesex University will also gain valuable work experience alongside professional dancers from companies including Richard Alston Dance Company, Michael Clark Dance Company and Yorke Dance Project.

The residency will also offer dancers from the Royal Ballet School the opportunity to develop their choreographic skills by immersing themselves in the residency alongside the participating artists.

List of Participants:

Professor Robert Cohan CBE - Choreographic Mentor Cohan Collective, in collaboration with Yorke Dance Project, (Visiting Professor Middlesex University)
Yolande Yorke-Edgell - Director Yorke Dance Project and Cohan Collective
(Middlesex Artist in Residence)
Eleanor Alberga – Composition Mentor for Cohan Collective, in collaboration with Yorke Dance Project, (Middlesex Artist in Residence)
Stephen Pelton – Associate Director Yorke Dance Project
Anne Donnelly – (Associate Professor of Dance, Middlesex University)

Jonathan Goddard
Phil Sanger
Charlotte Edmonds

Rolf Hind
Andy Kyte (Middlesex Music Graduate)
Donna McKevitt

Amy Thake
Hannah Kidd
Alice Laidler
Ben Warbis
Edd Mitton
Joe Walkling

Sarah Covington (Middlesex BA (Hons) Dance Performance Graduate 2015)
Stefani Papadopoulou (Middlesex BA (Hons) Dance Performance Graduate 2015)
Andre Kamienski (London Studio Centre – Graduate 2015)
Ellis Saul (London Contemporary Dance School – Graduate 2015 and recipient of the Peggy Hawkins Scholarship)

Guest student from the Royal Ballet School
Joseph Sissons

Additional Collaborators:
Paul Liburd – ballet teacher
David Sutton – Anderson - accompanist
Nicholas Kyprianou – writer
Chris Fogg – evaluator
David MaCormick – film documentation
Pari Naderi – photographer
Paul Jackson – guest

Guest specialist/lecturers:
Richard Alston CBE
Stephen Montague

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