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TV Production students’ crowdfunded documentary broadcast on One Malta

Maltese TV channel One broadcast Middlesex Television Production students’ documentary Reason To Run during primetime

The Reason to Run crew pose for a photograph during filming on locationA documentary made by four Middlesex University BA Television Production students as their final year project has been broadcast by a national television station in Malta in a bid to raise awareness of epilepsy.

Reason to Run follows the journey of radio and television presenter Trudy, who has defied doctors to overcome epilepsy after an accident left her suffering seizures.

Trudy credits running with her miraculous recovery from the simple partial seizures she was suffering, and the Kickstarter-funded film explores her reasons for running as she prepares for and then runs the Malta Marathon.

Broadcast on Malta One during the station's primetime evening news show, the film was followed by a discussion between Trudy and a spokesperson from the Epilepsy Society.

"It feels really good to know that it's gone out to a national audience, and hopefully it's raised awareness of epilepsy and had an effect on people," says Megan Street, the film's director.

"Everyone at the TV station was really positive and we have received comments from people that it was inspiring so we hope that people liked it."

Shot on location in Malta, Reason to Run was made from start to finish by the recently graduated team of Megan, Jessica Remnant, Yasmin Amey and Frankie Checkley.

Having met each other early during their degree, the friends came together in their final year to make the film knowing that their various skills complemented each other – with Frankie as producer Jess director of photography and Yasmin responsible for sound and editing.

"Throughout the process we received great, honest feedback and advice from our lecturers. They constantly pushed us to improve the film and genuinely cared about the project and us as students," explains Megan.

"We spent a lot of time in the edit and that is where the story really came to life. There were so many ways to tell it but we took a lot of advice about the storytelling method from Chris King, who edited the Amy Winehouse film and Senna, when he gave a guest lecture at the University."

Since graduating in July 2015 the four have gone in various directions but are hoping to make more programmes together in the future.

"We definitely want to carry on and produce some more films," explains Megan, who is now working as a junior researcher at Objective Productions. "It's just getting round to it and getting ourselves sorted after university."

Photo: Megan, Frankie, Yasmin and Jessica (left-right) filming on location during the Malta Marathon.

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