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Cohan Collective inspires music and dance collaboration

Residency brings together choreographers and composers in programme created by renowned New York choreographer, Robert Cohan CBE

An intensive choreographic residency directed by renowned choreographer, Professor Robert Cohan CBE, and contemporary music composer Eleanor Alberga, is currently being hosted at Middlesex University.

The two week residency, which is partially funded by the Arts Council of England, aims to further develop the depth and quality of choreographers' and composers' work and working methods.

The Collective is run in collaboration with Yorke Dance Project, led by Middlesex Artist-in-Residence Yolande Yorke-Edgell, and is supported by Dance and Music at Middlesex University.

Taught by Associate Professor Anne Donnelly, Director of Dance Programmes, participants are being mentored by Gary Carpenter and Kim Branstrup, a research fellow at Middlesex.

Recent graduates, including Middlesex Dance Performance graduate Leanne Steel, are gaining valuable work experience alongside professional dancers from companies including Richard Alston Dance Company, Rambert Dance Company and Yorke Dance Project.Cohan Collective

"The Cohan Collective has taught me that being creative isn't as scary as I thought it might be. I've learnt so much." Leanne Steel, Middlesex Dance 2016 graduate.

The Cohan Collective

"It is so very unique for composers and choreographers to come together so creatively and expose each other's methods in a safe environment — this is precisely what The Collective achieves." Simon Limbrick, PhD student at Middlesex.

Cohan Collective

"The Collective is about working together on tasks, composition and choreography in a different way." Louise Kelsey, Lecturer in Dance Technique.

Cohan Collective

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