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London Wildlife Trust helping students turn Middlesex into a home for wildlife

As part of new 'Go Green' initiative log piles and hedgerows will provide a habitat on campus for a wide variety of species from invertebrates to birds

Students and LWT volunteers on campus for Go Green initiativeStudent volunteers with members of the London Wildlife Trust on campus

A new initiative has begun to help make Middlesex’s leafy London campus an even more attractive home for wildlife.

With the help of the London Wildlife Trust (LWT), student volunteers are building log piles and planting holly and hazel hedgerows to help attract invertebrates, birds and amphibians. The campus already plays host to a variety of bird species including great spotted woodpecker, mistle thrush and coal tit.

The ‘Go Green’ idea is the brainchild of Green Travel Transport Manager Nicki Littlefield and Director of Estates Andrew Dickie and is being rolled out with the help of the Students’ Union (MDXSU).

MDXSU wants as many students as possible to get involved at the next two sessions with the LWT on 22 February and 1 March, and its Campaigns and Community Partnership Coordinator Pete Offord, a former RSPB volunteer, said “it is great to see new students getting involved who aren’t currently members of societies.”

Monika, a third year biology student who was one of those helping to build the first log pile, added: “I am looking for opportunities to develop work experience and I am already volunteering for the LWT.”

Student and volunteers from LWT building a log pile habitat on campusCreating a log pile as a habitat for insects and small mammals

Explaining the importance of creating a home for wildlife in urban centres like London, Anna from the LWT said: “Green spaces get fragmented in an urban environment. This work is helping to connect those segments.”

Anna also wants to encourage students with access to gardens to do their bit for wildlife off campus too by building their own log piles and putting up bird boxes.

Other ideas in the pipeline for Middlesex’s Go Green project include the creation of small meadows on campus with grasses and wildflowers. Students who are keen to get their hands dirty and help make the campus a more pleasant and attractive place to study can find out more about the forthcoming sessions on the MDXSU website.

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