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Studying with us during coronavirus in 2020 to 2021

Sandwich courses

In light of changing COVID-19 health and safety advice regarding placements, please contact the MDXWorks team in advance of accepting the position so they can review suitability of your placement.

A way to combine the benefits of a degree with a work placement

If you're deciding between studying for a degree, or going straight into work, then a sandwich course is a good solution. It gives you the benefits of both experiences.

Sandwich courses with a placement

A four-year sandwich course combines an undergraduate degree with a year-long placement in a professional setting.

Make valuable professional contacts as well as using what you've learnt on your course, and you won’t pay any fees during your placement year.

Choose a sandwich course

Get ready for your future

Your sandwich year is an opportunity to develop skills and networks to get work ready.

Build professional connections

You'll meet new people and build connections in the area where you want to work. They are an opportunity to gain professional knowledge about your industry as well as develop essential soft skills that are relevant in all jobs, such as teamwork.

Use course skills during your placement

Sandwich courses are proven to be effective because you'll learn skills in the first years of your university course to use during your placement. Then you'll build upon your experience from the workplace to enhance your studies in your final year back at university.

Proven benefits for students

  • Get a better degree - recent research by ASET - the Work Based and Placement Learning Association - shows that students with sandwich degrees are likely to do better in their degree as they build confidence on the job.
  • Find a graduate job - students who study sandwich courses degrees are also more likely to access graduate jobs earlier. That's because networking is the key to finding a graduate job.
  • Expand your horizons - work experience is a good way to meet new people and experience new things so you develop personally too. You can even choose to do your placement year in another country.
  • Earn money during your degree - of course, you'll also earn some money to support yourself during your course.

Our network of partners

We have developed excellent partnership relationships to help you access placements in your chosen industry. MDXWorks, our dedicated employability centre, has professional advisers who will be able to discuss options for your placement. They can help you to secure something that will help you to achieve your employment goals.

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