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Mohammed Saad Fayyaz

Consultant, Mercer

International Foundation Programme and BA (Hons) Business Administration, 2012

What made you choose Middlesex University?:

I chose Middlesex University because it gave me the opportunity to study in a multicultural environment, the chance to network with industry specialists during career fairs, and also because it is easily accessible from Central London. The growing reputation of the University was easily the deciding factor.

What course did you study and what attracted you to that course?:

I studied BA (Hons) Business Administration at Middlesex University and graduated with a 2:1. In addition to the variety of modules taught throughout the course, I also had the opportunity to work with a multinational bank during my Industrial Placement year, network with professionals from various industries, and have free access renowned resources at the Shepard Library.

What aspects of your course did you enjoy the most?:

One of the reasons why I joined Middlesex University for my Undergrad was the option to pursue an Industrial Placement in the third year of my course. The Industrial Placement gave me the opportunity to work with a multinational bank based in the City of London. Having such an opportunity allowed me to follow and improve day-to-day activities, convert my knowledge into practical experience, and approach my final year with a better perspective.

What is your fondest memory of Middlesex?:

My fondest memory at Middlesex is being awarded the 'Outstanding Contribution Award' in 2011 for services as the Founder and President of the Middlesex University Pakistan Society by the Middlesex University Students' Union (MUSU). I will always remember the cultural events that took place in the Forum and the Quadrangle, which were also covered by British and Pakistani newspapers.

What one piece of advice would you give to a prospective student interested in studying at Middlesex?:

Discover where your passions lie, Middlesex University offers a variety of courses with accredited modules. Studying an accredited course would give your degree additional credibility, help you get your qualification, and help you to pursue your passions more effectively.

Also, make an effort to attend an Open Days/Taster Days, meet with programme representatives and current students; this will give you an idea of what to expect.

How did your course and time at Middlesex help you to get where you are professionally today?:

My course at Middlesex University taught me the essential skills required in today's agile working environment. From communicating effectively through report writing and presentations, project management, solving problems effectively, and multitasking.

How did you get your foot on the career ladder post university?:

A lot of networking! The typical approach by new graduates is to apply online, but in my experience networking plays a significant role in getting noticed by potential employers. They say 40% of new hires are due to referrals.

What has been your defining career break of highlight to date?:

During my career at Deloitte, I was awarded the Deloitte Rewards in recognition of my exceptional client service, integrity, work ethic and overall outstanding performance.

However, after nearly five years of working, I decided to get an MBA, so I joined the University of Edinburgh (ranked 73 in the world by the Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2018) which was a rewarding experience as it gave me the opportunity to work on real-life projects with reputable organisations in the UK and internationally, and hone my skills as a professional.

What are the top three career tips you would give to current students and recent graduates?:

We live in a continually changing world and come across people from all walks of life. My top three tips would be:
1. Attend networking events; you never know whom you will meet.
2. Take up the opportunity to pursue placements or internships; this will show employers that you are serious about your career.
3. Improve your digital brand; write and post content and share your achievements. My go-to platform is LinkedIn.

What skills have been most valuable in your career so far and how have you developed these?:

I believe in developing leadership skills from the beginning of your career, don’t wait for someone to tell you that you are leadership material. Leadership gives you the ability to communicate more effectively, look at the broader picture, and strategize effectively. My time at Deloitte, in addition to technical skills expected in my line of work, has taught me how to manage projects, stakeholder expectations, and exposed me to unique situations

Are there any tips you can give international students looking to move abroad to study?:

Moving abroad can be a daunting task and is not easy, I have done it twice, once for my Undergrad and then five years later for my MBA from the University of Edinburgh. Though I knew it would be tough, I had to keep an open mind.

Approach your move with an open mind; you are essentially working towards your future. Meet and network with different people because you never know what you’ll gain. Moreover, travel.

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