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Lambert Akwa

Lambert AkwaAssistant Managing Director, Goshen Community School and Chief Operating Officer, Truth4Life Multimedia

BA Journalism and Publishing Studies

"I am a man who wears many professional hats and to a large extent, I feel I owe my ability to maintain a multi-disciplinary career to the education I received from Middlesex University as it was at Middlesex that I had an opportunity to be involved in several activities that went beyond my academic pursuits.

"I am currently Assistant Managing Director at Goshen Community School, a private early childhood development centre and Primary/Junior High School in Accra, Ghana and I am also involved in a lot of Youth Work on a voluntary basis.

"Additionally I have founded a media company with some friends called Truth4Life Multimedia where I serve as Chief Operating Officer. As a qualified Communications/Public Relations Professional, this enables me to apply the skills I learnt while studying and aid clients with their Reputation Management, Media Relations and Marketing Communications.

"I chose Middlesex University due to the variety of options available in the area of Media Studies and Journalism, as this was where my interests lay. I studied a degree in BA Journalism and Publishing Studies and graduated in 2011. My degree really helped me understand the way global media thinks and prepared me for a career in Public Relations.

"Being an international student, I had to complete the Middlesex University Preparation Programme (MUPP), now the International Foundation Programme (IFP), before I started my course in 2008. This was an especially eye-opening period during my time of study as I learnt a lot about academic life in the UK. It also gave me the opportunity to interact with individuals from diverse cultures who I am still friends with today.

"Although several tutors commented that they did not feel I necessarily needed the foundation programme, it was definitely a worthwhile experience and one of the highlights of my overall academic experience.

"During my time at Middlesex, I made the most of a range of extra-curricular activities on offer to students. I was heavily involved in student politics and held the position of Student Governor for a year. This afforded me the opportunity to sit on the Board of Governors of the University, where I was involved in discussions regarding the expansion of the University and the merging of the various campuses which is a reality today! I chaired student body meetings and represented the university's student body at NUS (National Union of Students) Conventions.

"I was also involved with a society called "The Platform", which focused on the promotion of poetry and spoken word. Additionally, I co-founded a movement called "Wage Wars", which sought to have the national minimum wage increased to the same amount as the London living wage. We held a peaceful demonstration in Parliament Square which was epic!

"Another highlight of my time at Middlesex was being involved in the organisation of a Christian Union rally in the Quad.

"Having a UK degree from Middlesex has definitely helped open doors for me at corporate organisations and enabled me to get my foot on the career ladder. I would also definitely credit Middlesex for the sense of freedom and independence I felt when I eventually left the corporate world to pursue my own dreams. At Middlesex there were always so many opportunities to explore and express one's own thoughts and ideas about various topics. This definitely helped prepare me so I could take control of my destiny.

"To any prospective student considering studying at Middlesex, I would say the same thing that I would say to my 18 year old self: "go for it!"

"Middlesex University is probably the most culturally diverse university you will find and has such a large number of international students who return to their countries in a bid to make a difference. The networking opportunities are endless!

"To current students and graduates I would say that your time at the university and your tutors are the best resource you have right now so use them! Do not wait for opportunities but create your own. Make connections and keep them!

"On account of my Middlesex degree, I earned a position at the biggest PR firm in Ghana and gained enough experience to launch my own entrepreneurial efforts. M y training in journalism and feature writing has helped me to get several articles published in the Ghanaian media and I am currently writing a book which will no doubt be the highlight of my career.

"I am a proud Middlesex University Aluminus, and I intend to continue applying all I learnt at Middlesex so to influence and change my world."

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