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Rohandas Thuvana

Rohandas ThuvanaNetwork Engineer, Teyseer Group Computer Arabia 

Msc Computer Network Management, 2007

"In a rapidly changing technological world I needed to authenticate my skills so I decided to study a masters degree. I looked at a range of universities and Middlesex was the best university with a Computer Network Management course. I liked the fact Middlesex gave me the opportunity to study in London, which is frequently called the world's financial capital. I think an international degree looks good on your curriculum vitae.

"The high number of international students studying at the university also meant I got to mingle with people from all across the globe and develop good interpersonal skills.

"My course was a bit like doing a dual degree in one single course as I got to go to lectures covering computer, mobile and wireless networks, information systems management and strategy. The diverse areas covered were a real treat for me and I am happy to say I never missed a single lecture!"

"Getting a masters degree helped me to gain the necessary knowledge and experience required for handling stressful professional situations and converting them to success. It taught me to flow with the tides of the learning curriculum, to give respect and earn respect through knowledge-sharing, to follow the guidance of tutors and to utilise the time offered by them effectively to develop my knowledge.

"I think Middlesex University equips its students really well for handling a range of situations in their chosen profession. I definitely graduated with a mature head on my shoulders!

"Technology is a fast-paced and constantly changing arena so I still feel I am learning. I finished my masters in the ongoing economic turbulence but got a job in a smaller firm with growth prospects. I have always looked to build my experience.

"To those graduating into today's current environment of economic uncertainty,my message would be focus on your goals and let any failures help you rise to future challenges."

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