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QAHE (Mdx) Limited

At QAHE (Mdx) Limited, we believe that everything starts with our students. Transforming their careers and their lives is what motivates and inspires us.

We’ve been working in learning and development for over 30 years, with people who are shaping futures. We work with students, learners, customers and partners, across industries, and countries – providing learning solutions and skills for tomorrow’s challenges.

When it comes to higher education, as a private provider, we work in partnership with UK universities, like Middlesex University, to offer a range of higher education programmes, from foundation level, to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and degree apprenticeships, in a variety of subject areas. All designed to support our students fulfil their potential, arming them with the skills to achieve their future career aspirations.

Our partnership with Middlesex University offers students the opportunity to study Middlesex programmes in different city centre locations including London, Birmingham and Manchester.


  • BA Honsours Business Management (Healthcare) with Foundation Year (Franchise, phasing out)
  • BA Honours Business Management (Healthcare) (Franchise, phasing out)
  • BSc Honsours Business Accounting with Foundation Year (Franchise, phasing out)
  • BSc Honsours Business Accounting (Franchise, phasing out)
  • MBA (Degree Apprenticeship) (Franchise, phasing out)

Partnership description

A Middlesex University programme and qualification, designed, assessed and quality assured by Middlesex but delivered at and by QA.

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Website: www.qahighereducation.com

Email: qahe.directenquiries@qa.com

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