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Initiating and Managing Change

Managing change examines the concept and practice of change in the organisation. Drawing on a wide-ranging selection of case studies, delegates will consider the change process and how to apply it to their own role.

Course Content

The one-day course covers a wide range of highly relevant topics:

  • Ways to identify stakeholders in change and the benefits and costs to them, in order to overcome resistance
  • The role of communication in overcoming barriers other difficulties
  • Ways to organise and co-ordinate resources and activities to achieve planned change
  • Direct and indirect effects upon other people, departments and organisations
  • Methods to monitor and control progress of change against plan, including use of Gantt charts, network planning
  • Forces for and inevitability of change in assuring the survival and prosperity of organisations
  • Need for PESTLE and organisational SWOT analyses
  • Principles of change management including ways to gain commitment by involvement of people
  • Methods of planning for change, including use of Gantt charts, network planning as tools for planning change
  • Identification of human and financial factors in the consideration of change
    Techniques for monitoring and evaluating outcomes of change

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the session delegates will:

  • Identify the benefits and costs of a planned change to relevant parties
  • Communicate and promote plans for change to overcome barriers and potential difficulties which may arise during the change
  • Introduce planned change
  • Monitor the effects of change on individuals, teams and the organisation
  • Revise plans and schedules as appropriate to ensure objectives are met
  • Identify internal and external forces for organisational change and the opportunities and threats created for own organisation
  • Recognise the need for achieving continuous improvement and techniques for doing so
  • Set objectives for change, and plan activities and resources to communicate and achieve them
  • Appreciate the potential effects of change on individuals, teams and the organisation
  • Adopt and encourage pro-active and positive attitudes by involving others

Progression Routes

This course is part of the CPD Management Series and other workshops include:

Completion of four of the workshops in this series and a Work-Based Learning Report leads to a Middlesex University Certificate in Personal and Professional Development NQF Level 4.

For further information, please email our Business Development team or call 020 8411 5050.

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