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State-of-the-art MDX health and sport teaching facilities opening in rugby stadium

The new development will open within the West Stand of the StoneX Stadium, which is home to the Saracens

West Stand Middlesex University

The countdown has begun to the opening of a fantastic new state-of-the-art sports and health facility for Middlesex University students and staff at a top professional rugby club next month.

This impressive new development will open within the West Stand of the StoneX Stadium, which is home to the Saracens and near the University’s main campus in Hendon, North London.

This pioneering complex has been developed over the past 18 months in partnership with Saracens Rugby Club and London Borough of Barnet, which has funded the project through a £22.9m loan agreement alongside investment in specialist facilities and fitting out the site by the University.

The West Stand, which has four floors, is to become the new base for the specialist practical teaching side of the MDX London Sport Institute and Nursing and Midwifery from the end of September and Natural Sciences from early October.

Here is an overview of what’s in store:

West Stand Middlesex University

London Sport Institute (LSI)

New facilities are set to provide students with greater opportunities to study in technologically advanced sport science labs and engage with professional, academy and community athletes within a live working sport facility.

This section will feature a biometrics room, strength and conditioning suite, human performance lab, cognition labs, health and injury clinic, and clinical therapy rooms.

A bespoke Sports Performance Analysis suite will give students access to specialist software.

Live stream filming in classes will accommodate students who are unable to attend. Several elite sports clubs training academies and national sporting bodies are working with the LSI to develop programmes which enable students to study alongside training commitments.

West Stand Middlesex University

Nursing and Midwifery

The skills element of the Nursing and Midwifery degree and postgraduate programmes will relocate from the Hendon campus to the West Stand, where a modern skills training centre and simulation suite have been created.

The enhanced Nursing and Midwifery suite features state-of-the-art teaching equipment.

Exciting new facilities include a flexible simulated hospital environment which will be an adaptable space to simulate a ward, A&E environment, birthing environments and consultancy areas.

The health skills rooms and simulation rooms are due to be connected by video link enabling activities to be relayed to a wider audience.

Clare Maher, Director of Programmes, Midwifery, said: “We are delighted for the opportunity offered to develop our clinical skills facilities and look forward to giving midwifery students the opportunity to practice in areas which reflect their work in maternity units and home environments.”

Carol Graves, Director of Programmes for BSc Adult Nursing, said: “Nursing students are extremely excited to be moving to Saracens. They cannot wait to be able to be able to use the simulation equipment and investigate their learning using the new technologies now available to us.

“It is fantastic to have a dedicated space which simulates a multitude of environments.”

West Stand3

Natural Sciences

This section features an altitude chamber, phlebotomy room, dietetics sensory analysis lab, neurophysiology/neuroscience practical and research analysis labs, audiology diagnostics/analysis lab, cardiology practical lab and cardiology simulation suite.

This includes a state of the art heartworks system, together with a multi-disciplinary lab to support medical physiology teaching and research

The space has been fully equipped with ECG, EEG recording devices, EMG/NCS systems, otoscopy, tympanometry, and audiometry equipment, lung function and blood analyser to enable our students to gain experience on the equipment they will use in professional practice.

There’s also a clinic space to simulate this professional practice as well as to operate our growing partnerships with external practitioners. There will be significant opportunities for continued professional development with the NHS and private practice in cardiology, audiology and neurophysiology.

The new space will enable MDX to share teaching nationally through recorded simulated learning sessions and allow students to plug gaps in their knowledge by accessing on-demand skills training.

During term time, a shuttle bus service will run between the main Hendon campus and StoneX Stadium transporting students and staff to and from the site.

Dr Rhonda Cohen, Head of the London Sports Institute, said: “We’re extremely excited about the opening of the West Stand and grateful to our partners Saracens and the London Borough of Barnet for their continued support.

“The West Stand development will add to our reputation as one of the UK’s leading universities for Sports Science, Nursing and Midwifery and Natural Sciences.

“Students will have greater opportunities to study in technologically advanced learning environments and engage with professionals in the truly unique setting of a top flight professional rugby club.

“Practitioners and students will be empowered to teach, consult, and pursue cutting‐edge research.

“We can’t wait to get started.”

The West Stand development will be officially launched in November.

West Stand

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