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LQE Handbook - Section 3

LQE Handbook - Section 3

Main section

Section 3 - Programme validation, review and modifications


Guidance 3i       The purpose of programme validation and programme review

Guidance 3ii       Panel Officer

Guidance 3iii      Documentation for a validation or review event

Guidance 3iv      Validation and Review Guidance for Distance Education

Guidance 3v       Roles and responsibilities of Panel Members

Guidance 3vi      Student involvement in validation and review events

Guidance 3vii     Equality Diversity and Inclusion within the curriculum

Guidance 3viii    External Assessors – Criteria for Appointment and Fee Information

Guidance 3ix     A guide for apprenticeship validation panels

Guidance 3x      Guidance for External Assessors when considering the validation of a programme at an overseas campus

Guidance 3xi     Guidance for External Assessors when considering the validation of a programme by School Committee

Guidance 3xii     Programme Leader Guidance

Guidance 3xiii    Writing a programme specification

Guidance 3xiv    UNISTATS Guidance - Definitions of assessment methods

Guidance 3xv    Graduate Attributes

Guidance 3xvi    Ethics in the curriculum

Guidance 3xvii   Research Ethics 

Guidance 3xviii  Writing a module narrative

Guidance 3xix    Designing a module reading list for in-house, franchised & joint programmes

Guidance 3xx     Designing a module reading list for validated programmes

Guidance 3xxi    Guidance for the Design of Distance Education

Guidance 3xxii   Personal tutoring

Guidance 3xxiii   Assessment and regulations arrangements for validated programmes

Guidance 3xxiv  Procedure for mapping to an apprenticeship standard

Guidance 3xxv   Non-Credit Bearing Courses (NCBCs)

Guidance 3xxvi   Making programme changes


Appendix 3a       Officer Paper

Appendix 3b      Overview document template

Appendix 3c      Critical Review Document

Appendix 3d      Validation/Review report template

Appendix 3e      Confirmation of a validation or review

Appendix 3f       Programme Specification

Appendix 3g      Validation Event Schedule

Appendix 3h      Review Event Schedule

Appendix 3i       Resource Statement for a programme to be delivered at an overseas campus or partner site

Appendix 3j       Apprenticeships Mapping Grid

Appendix 3k      Graduate  Framework mapping grid - for V&R events only

Appendix 3l       New module form - Module Narrative form

Appendix 3m     Student programme handbook – in-house PG 

Appendix 3m     Student programme handbook – in-house UG 

Appendix 3n      Student programme handbook – Franchised

Appendix 3o      Student programme handbook – Joint

Appendix 3p      Student programme handbook – Validated

Appendix 3q      Teaching Learning and Assessment strategy and programme assessment schedule

Appendix 3r       Programme change form

Appendix 3s       Module change form

Appendix 3t       MOC Template (2019/20)

Appendix 3u      Administrative & Operational Annexe (Franchised)

Appendix 3v       Administrative & Operational Annexe (Joint)

Appendix 3w     Administrative & Operational Annexe (Validated)

Appendix 3x      Administrative & Operational Annexe (Collaborative Research)

Appendix 3y     Programme Team DE module validation sign off form

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