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Management in Organisations

This workshop is designed to give you the very latest management techniques and skills, so you can go on to apply these successfully in your work.

With the use of practical, real life case studies, you'll enhance your understanding of theoretical approaches to the management of people. You'll also gain an invaluable insight into how these can be used within different organisational contexts.

Course information

This intensive one-day course covers the following essential management areas:

  • The nature and purpose of organisations, including mission and value statements
  • Stakeholders and their objectives
  • Organisation charts, including hierarchical and matrix structures; indication of the range of operational functions
  • Levels of management, and associated roles and responsibilities within organisation
  • Profile and job functions of middle managers
  • Formal and informal organisational relationships
  • The management task, including planning, organising, motivating and controlling
  • Range of management styles
  • Differences between management and leadership
  • Introduction to defining leadership

Learning outcomes

By the end of the session, you'll be able to:

  • State the purpose of organisations in the achievement of objectives and fulfilment of stakeholder needs
  • Identify a range of organisational structures and levels of management responsibility within them
  • Identify the key management roles and functions
  • Explain the different styles of management and leadership, and when to apply them
  • Recognise the differences between management and leadership

Progression routes

This course is part of the CPD  Management Series and other workshops include:

Completion of four of the workshops in this series and a Work-Based Learning Report leads to a Middlesex University Certificate in Personal and Professional Development NQF Level 4.

For further information, please email our Business Development team or call 020 8411 5050.

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