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Reality Time Management

Understanding and implementing the principles of time management into daily life can bring dramatic improvements to the quality of life.  It can help to raise achievement levels, improve energy, and decrease stress and frustration.  Time management can provide people with control over their work and non-work activities.

Course information

This two day course focuses on the 'reality' of time management. Time management should not provide an overhead that restricts freedom and creates automatons. It is a tool to provide structure and optimise performance based on true goals. This course provides practical time management principles that can be easily implemented.

This course shows how to structure work and non-work activities in a way that provides control and enables the achievements of key life goals. Starting with the reasons behind adopting a time management philosophy, attendees are instructed in goal setting, key activity divisions, and task structuring. From this, they are taught how to schedule their time to provide control but allow for the unexpected.

Lastly, they are taken through a typical day following and adjusting the schedule and given advice on handling interruptions and distractions such as incoming mail.

Topics covered

  • Why time management?
  • Goal setting
  • Key activity division
  • Tasks
  • Regular activities
  • Daily schedule
  • Running the day
  • Ticks
  • Time stealers
  • Desk management
  • Mail

The course is usually run for a group from a single organisation on their premises, although other arrangements can be made if required. The course will benefit anyone who wishes to improve the management of his or her own time.

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